Friday, April 21, 2006

Run on the mill.........may be, it is .....

Its Friday , still so lethargic, still so lost, burning isssues couldnt really get me, my spellings went for a toss, my rational self was nowhere to be found.

Am at office waiting for some last minute updates from my colleagues s othat I could finish my work for the week & leave for the day. Oh ! I hate to wait, but I am glad, atleast haagadru naanu hindirugi noduva sadavakaasha odagitthu....

Ondh vaardha hindashte naanu ondh Pooja samaarambhakke hogiddaaga nam junior Pavan heliddhu nenapige banthu, " you are not your usual self ". Enaagidhe nange...not that I am not enjoying what is happening, I am , may be, adhu Samayada Jothege baro Maturity irabahudu antha convince maadikollona, adhe better.

Jeevanadalli , ellavu badallaagutthe kaalakke thakka haage , office'nalli nam behaviour nam seniors'ge anugunavaagi badalagutthe, maduve aada mele nammavara - nam maneyavara apekshe'ge anugunavaagi ( aaga naavu obbara mane Madadhi, magalu ella aagirtheevalla- dodda javaabdaari), ellavu badallagutthe. college- schoolnallidda huduga buddhi adyaava maradha hindhe avithu kulithu kanna muchchaale aaduttho gotthilla !

May be it is a part of the game, you just accept the change so graciously, or may be aa badallavane annodu namgae gotthillada haage nam dehadolage parakaaya pravesha maadutthe, bere yaaradru helidare Aakshepane anso maathugalu...avara (here ,I refer to your better half) maathalli keli bandaaga sariyeno ansutthe. Ellaanu convincing ansutthe... yaake haage...gothilla..." Eke heegaytho naanu Kaanenu" antha Hamsalekha barediddu nammanthavranna nodeeni irabeku.

Run on the mill....May be, it just dont have the time to understand that you have changed. SO many things that interested you earlier doesnt interest you now....Idara hesare....Baduku.

Idalledara Madhye Naavu Nagale Beku....heege....


Blogger Warrior poet said...

Hey hema when you update ur blog send a mail to us :). Good subject, and a good photo too...adding a cliched line to it..afterall change is the only thing constant in life...Its definitely not a run-of-the-mill subject, something deserving much thought.

8:01 PM  

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